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Relater les rencontres annuelles entre écoliers, collégiens français, adultes français et britanniques. Faire découvrir les communes du Pays de La Châtaigneraie.

05 Mar


Publié par DODI PROJECT 16


Classify the different activities organised during the morning from 1 to 6.

(1 being the activity you preferred).

1/ Having breakfast with French seniors, French students and pupils

2/ Looking for information about the commune.

3/Guessing game. “Guess what my job was!”

4/ Astronomy workshop

5/ Watching the two clips and answering the questions about the commune

6/ Listening to the seniors' and pupils' songs.

Comments about the students:

Both ... and ......... were great, interested in everything that we were doing and trying hard with using English. They were also very good with the primary school children translating some of the questions for them so that they could participate in the exercises too.

I would just like to say that both ... and .... were also keen to help to find the answers to the questions with us. All the young people in my team were well behaved and polite and a credit to you all. I would also like to thank the seniors Jacques and Maurice who, although they were reluctant to speak any English they were good fun.

I had ... and ... as my students, lovely students. I really enjoyed working with them, they were very keen to do all the activities,. ........'s written English was excellent, ... needed more support with his writing but was still very keen to take his turn and accept the help from me, very polite too … and ….. made the morning very pleasant.

Both were motivated and engaged with all events to the extent that I was guided and encouraged. ...'s grasp of English is excellent and I found her to be remarkably intelligent. ... too was mentally nimble but was hampered by her lesser ability with English.

My 2 students, ... and ... were lovely, a bit quiet but keen to participate in the activities. I was not sure if... and ...had difficulty with the English questions in the guessing game as they did not seem able to decide what logical questions to ask to discover the occupations of the individuals. They did seem to switch off and leave all the investigation to me in the commune activity.

I don’t know names, but I observed a number of students not paying attention. The Brits were trying really hard, and an easy question to the pupils did not get an answer. At the beginning of the day a lot of time is wasted milling around with nothing happening. If there were some way of getting students Brits and OAPs into their groups and seated at their table things would be much better. May be put up an easel with papers saying names and table numbers. Put a number on each table. Have the booklets already laid out on the tables.

OAP = Old Age Pensioner = the old people from the village

Both were appropriately enthusiastic and applied themselves intelligently. They were, however, flagging a bit towards mid-day – obviously looking forward to lunch! Maybe this is an everyday occurrence?

Comments about the activities:

As always the activities were well organised and it is difficult to classify which I preferred because they were all valuable and relevant. Having breakfast is a very good ‘ice-breaker’ and gives us a chance to get to know..both students and people from the commune. There is always a lot to do in the time if we are to encourage fully written sentences and I think I let my two girls down…who were very motivated and a delight to work with, because I didn’t have time to write my answers for the ‘Guessing Game’ activity, very neatly on the questionnaire…please don’t penalise them for the untidiness although I got the answers correct! Perhaps it would be better with fewer questions. there is always a lot of information to assimilate and translate.

The people from the commune interacted with me very positively and we had fun during the morning and learnt something from each other.. I look forward to the June meeting and next years DODI too.

Thank you Vincent.

They were all fun but there was not enough time to do both the worksheets for the video clips which was ashame, too much writing of the answers was involved to get them both completed Need to have fewer questions on the video clips. Lots of people told me this, and said they would tell you too. I enjoyed all the activities to some degree.

The ‘guessing game’ has potential to be very good but was spoiled by a misunderstanding of the rules on this occasion. I particularly enjoy the participation of the seniors. I think that it would be better if more of the activities were centered around English as I believe this is meant to be an exercise to help your students improve their English language skills and not a test of our level of French. For me, personally, having to cope with so much of the French language is not an enormous problem but for others who wish to help you and don’t have a great knowledge of French it could be a real problem.

Sorry Vincent just trying to help. The guessing game would benefit from having a demonstration- run before starting, as the methodology or “rules of the game” were not particularly clear There was not enough time everything seemed to be rushed......

I personally would have liked more time on the Astronomy workshop for my own education. It would have been better if the students had time to look at the questions for the video clips before the clips were shown so that they knew what to look and listen for Two video clips was too much.. 1 video and more time to discuss it.

I had to press the girls because there was too much to do and they switched off..

Sorry, but as usual, there were lots of questions in several of the activities and we didn’t manage to finish them all to the standard that you and I would have liked. Perhaps next time you could consider 20 questions and ask the teams to try to answer (for example) 12.

This way we could achieve good answers and also the students would have more time to digest the information.

If there was one activity to avoid for the next February meeting (DODI PROJECT 17), it would be :

The primary school children never got involved.

Unless they do participate there is not much point in their being there.

The singing !

Anyything which did not give us time to discuss with the students

I personally didn’t enjoy the singing!

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Relater les rencontres annuelles entre écoliers, collégiens français, adultes français et britanniques. Faire découvrir les communes du Pays de La Châtaigneraie.