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Relater les rencontres annuelles entre écoliers, collégiens français, adultes français et britanniques. Faire découvrir les communes du Pays de La Châtaigneraie.

27 Jun


Publié par DODI PROJECT 10



Here is the classification of the activities:

1/ Visiting Mr Sauzereau's observatory.

2/ Visiting the educational farm at Mr and Mrs Noury's.

3/ Mr Sauzereau’s conference

4/ Having lunch with French seniors and students

5/ Answering questions about astronomy and about “Café Bonbon”

6/ Visiting the metal framework business.

Comments about the activities

The day seemed very busy not giving enough time to speak to, and help the students. The questions and answers at M Gauriau took too much time and we think the students did not get the benefit return for the time invested.

We really enjoyed the astronomy activities just a pity about the weather.

We really enjoyed Mr Sauzereau’s conference. and would have happily spent more time listening to him.

Really enjoyed all the activities about astronomy. They made a good balance between the students standing and listening and being actively involved.

The mixed up sentences were a good way of getting the British and the French working together.

A good varied, interesting selection which I believe the students and adults enjoyed. I have limited French and understood some of the descriptions of the 3 places visited, but would have appreciated some translation, especially of the technical and scientific aspects. I didn’t learn any astronomical terms when I was taught French!

As usual I enjoyed all the activities and even though the weather wasn’t great it did not spoil the day. Everyone worked hard to make the activities interesting for us all and Mr Sauzereau’s passion for his subject was evident in his presentations. Thank you to all the people of La Chapel au Lys for making us all so welcome.

There was, unfortunately, no activity at the metal framework business. Industrial visits are educationally useful only when process as well as purpose can be demonstrated. Mr. Sauzereau’s conferenece was extremely interesting and well presented

It was another good day and such a good chance to work with some of the older residents of the commune…the students are always a joy to work with and Jules and Gwendolene were no exception. It was very rushed though and sometimes, the information given to us by the French people at each activity doesn’t give us the information needed for the questionnaire and the next group had arrived before we had finished.

We answered all the questions, but didn’t manage to get it entered on the questionnaire itself, so our team will be penalized for appearing not to have completed it. I think the Café Bonbon was one activity too many and we were running about all over the place to get the info from the astronomy posters, hence we were one of the last teams back.

I think it’s the first DODI where my team didn’t get all the information entered. Otherwise, very enjoyable and I look forward to the start of DODI 17…gosh that’s incredible isn’t it? Well done Vincent and enjoy your Summer holidays!

*This was still an interesting activity! Mixing up the words was a good idea and made us all think.

Mr and Mrs Noury's farm: The students and adults seemed to be interested and the farmers were very knowledgeable. They answered a lot of questions.

Mr Sauzereau is a very good communicator and a real enthusiast.

You made very good use of the resources available in and around the village.

Last year we had to do some questions in French, by the lake, with our French person and translate them for students. This was good fun.

(We would like to take our children to the farm and to one of Mr Sauzereau's presentations.)

It was interesting to meet Mr Sauzereau.

The people from La Chapelle au Lys were very welcoming and kind.

Comments about the students:

Our students were very pleasant and worked well together. Unfortunately, because of the seating positions at lunch, we were unable to talk to our students as much as we would have liked.

Our students … were well organised and motivated, just a little distracted in the afternoon but otherwise we established a good rapport with them. The two Primary students were also interested and enjoyed the experience. Our lady from La Chapelle aux Lys was keen to talk to us so all in all it was a good day both for us and everyone else in our group.

Our students were reluctant to speak English but one of them was very good at written English

………….. and ……………….. were very good students. They were capable of working independently and yet listened to advice and answered our questions quite happily in English.

Bright, pleasant and for the main part interested in the day’s activities. I found it incredible that neither of the boys assigned to my team seemed to have a working pen, so I lent them mine.

I think it would also be useful if each team of students had a clipboard for the questionnaire so they had something firm and flat to enable them to write their answers clearly, rather than using a wall, their classmate’s back or some other flat surface. This would also be a good idea for the pupils who I completed the questionnaire at the school.

Both ..... and ....were polite and interested in most of the activities. Their attention waned a bit at the end when we were answering the questions on astronomy and the café Bonbon but apart from that they were very good and took a lot of interest in the activities.

The college should be proud of these two girls as they were sociable, tried with their English and were well behaved. The two primary school children were charming and they too tried to speak a bit of English.

Although our students both appeared to have good use of English, we did note that they seemed unenthusiastic compared to those we have encountered in previous years. It would seem from your own comments that this attitude was not unique in this particular group of students. Perhaps it was just too close to the end of term?

Fiona and I both commented that your students were very well behaved. You were the only teacher supervising them and we did not see you admonish them at any time. We both commented that the students seemed to have good relationships with each other and were impressed by the way they interacted with the younger students and the older members of the community.

In plain English, we were impressed and think that they were a credit to you and the college.

Both good students.

... listened well and wrote quickly with good spelling

... was a little less able and more easily distracted.


As this was our first involvement with DODI we feel we do not have enough experience to comment, but we look forward to participating in DODI 2017

We’ll leave it up to you Vincent, at the time of writing this with the news of Brexit

Who can say what the future holds for us Brits ?

Perhaps a bit less time with coffee and cakes and have a 10 minute session where the students, French adults and the British have time to have a structured session getting to know a bit about each other and starting to use their English

Thank you once again for organising the DODI day which was well thought out and enjoyable.

Make sure all the students are in possession of at least one working pen! A visit to a wine maker would be good and also a restaurant so we could see what happens in the kitchen

Sorry Vincent all out of ideas for the moment !!

A physical activity (cricket, bowling, painting, etc.) would perhaps help to generate enthusiasm. An industrial visit where students can see something actually being made would surely be of interest ?

The activities which engage the students are more successful but difficult to find in a small village


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Relater les rencontres annuelles entre écoliers, collégiens français, adultes français et britanniques. Faire découvrir les communes du Pays de La Châtaigneraie.