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24 Oct


Publié par DODI PROJECT 10  - Catégories :  #D.O.D.I. PROJECT 13




“Do you think many British will participate?”


“It would be nice if we could only speak English”.


“D.O.D.I. PROJECT will help us speak better English”.


“D.O.D.I. PROJECT has existed for twelve years / since 2012”.


“I would like the British to be nice with us”.



“Do you think the Brits will tell us about their life?”


“D.O.D.I. PROJECT blog is well organized and well-illustrated”.



“On D.O.D.I. days, I would like to show the British that my English gets better

and better”.



“I look forward to meeting you”.


“I look forward to speaking English with you”.



“I can't wait to meet you!”.


“D.O.D.I. PROJECTsounds great, doesn't it?”


“Let's improve our English with D.O.D.I.”.



“Thanks for joining the project!”.


“Thanks for helping us!”.



“It's worth participating to  D.O.D.I. PROJECT 13”.



“ Ihope we'll meet very soon”.


“I hope you 'll be able to help us with  D.O.D.I. PROJECT”.



“I hope you won't be disappointed!”.



“Are you willing to help us?”.



I hope we 'll learn many things thanks to D.O.D.I. PROJECT 13”.



“Have you heard of D.O.D.I. PROJECT 13?”





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