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30 Jan


Publié par DODI PROJECT 10  - Catégories :  #Présentation générale








D.O.D.I. began ten years ago.

And now we sing this song to show

that we've learnt to speak in English

with the help of those who know.

D.O.D.I. PROJECT to us sounds great.

We all look forward to each year.

Learning all about our district

and the places that are near.

Monsieur Malais et les anglais

have taught us what we need to say.

When we cross the sea to Britain

où nous sommes les étrangers !

D.O.D.I. PROJECT for us is cool.

Our days with you help us improve.

Writing, listening, eating, chatting

Thanks to D.O.D.I., we're on the move !


Adapted by Judith and Adrian Evett

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