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28 Jun


Publié par DODI PROJECT 10  - Catégories :  #D.O.D.I. PROJECT 17



X the answer!

  1.          The bride wears a RED wedding dress to bring good luck in ­­­­­­­­:

A  Malaysia       B  Egypt       C  China       D Argentina   E  Finland


  1.        When a couple marry in FRANCE, which side of the BRIDE is the GROOM on:

A  Left   B  Middle   C Right   D It doesn’t matter    E It depends if the GROOM is right or left handed?


  1.        In which country is it FORBIDDEN for the couple to smile during the wedding because it would break their good luck?

A  Thailand       B  Congo      C Japan               D Brazil               E Russia?


  1.        In which country does the Best Man SHAVE the groom’s face on the morning of the Wedding?

A  Mongolia      B  South Africa        C The Philippines     D Mexico      E Greece


  1.        Where must the BRIDE walk down the street in her Wedding Dress to show her neighbours and if they think she is not dressed smartly enough, she must change her dress?

A  Jamaica       B  Saudi Arabia      C Germany            D Iceland      E Italy


  1.        The guests have a smashing time in ………………. because they break the plates and the Bride and Groom have to sweep up the mess to show how important it is for them to work together.

A  Greece        B  Germany     C Netherlands     D Scotland    E Denmark


  1.        Where is it a custom for the Bride to throw her wedding bouquet and whoever catches it will be the next person to marry?

A  Indonesia      B  England     C  India          D Brazil         E  Japan


  1.        To decide who will be the ‘Head of the House’ the Bride and Groom bite into a special, sweet, bread.  Whoever takes the biggest bite will be the ‘Head of the House’ in………………

A  America       B  Syria        C Russia           D Chile         E Vietnam?


  1.        The Bride’s sisters kidnap the Groom’s shoe and he must pay a ransom to get it back in…………….

A  Egypt         B  Iran         C Estonia           D Pakistan     E Sicily


10) In which country do the bridesmaids set difficult tasks for the groom to do to prove that he is good enough to marry the bride?  If he doesn’t complete the tasks he has to pay a fine!


A  Indonesia      B  Egypt       C  China          D Brazil         E  Japan


  1.   Lots of countries have dancing as part of the wedding but in which country does a camel dance at the wedding?

A  Indonesia      B  Nigeria     C  China           D South Africa   E  Australia


12) To dance with the bride you must pin money on her dress in:


A  Cuba            B  Morocco   C  Switzerland    D Scotland        E  India


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